Friday, April 12, 2019

For Whom the Bells Troll

First sad note

I finished the poem over a week ago and I noticed Twitter has already deleted some of the posts from my TrollGuy character, even though the insults were just nonsensical. Luckily I archived it in full already. But what a bummer.

The Jist of It

This is a collage poem about media history, trolling culture and pundit's soft-alarm-isms. Trolling is mostly between the authors William Blake, Wordsworth, T.S. Eliot and Hart Crane, an idea seeded in my head from Dorian Block's first class piece: and the tweets he quoted from The Oscar Wilde tweets blew my mind!

Ways to Read It

1. Interactively on Twitter:

Pros: You can play all the fun videos, animated gifs, click on the links and discover the hidden comment threads.

Cons: You might miss the hidden comment threads and all that multimedia in your haste to read it. Clues for hidden conversations are under these symbols at the bottom of each tweet:

Sometimes there are many more comments than one. Also, click anything that says “more replies.”

2. The archived, static version on my website:

Pros: You won't miss any of the comment threads or profiles. And you'll see the comments Twitter has removed already.

Cons: You will miss all the fun videos and links. Boo!

3. The most comprehensive way would be to read the static poem ( and then try to find the interactions in the live version (

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